Delivering long-term value for a reliable and sustainable energy future. AFFORDABLE ENERGY SYSTEMS READ MORE Energy security through reliable storage and grid technologies. DISTRIBUTED ENERGY GENERATION READ MORE Optimizing performance, competitive advantage and cost-savings. OVERCOME ENERGY CHALLENGES READ MORE Comprehensive asset lifecycle optimization for every infrastructure. EFFICIENCY AND OPTIMIZATION READ MORE Leveraging cutting-edge technologies to deliver positive solutions. INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS READ MORE Providing budget-friendly products and approach to energy projects. SIMPLIFIED PROCUREMENT READ MORE

We Provide Energy Solutions

Integrated end-to-end solutions, quality products and resources for renewable and sustainable energy systems.


We help government agencies meet and exceed energy management statutory requirements while also improving sustainability.


We develop efficiency and profitability strategies to assist industrial establishments in achieving their carbon management goals.


Businesses can benefit from our supply-side and demand-side sustainable energy solutions to reduce costs and increase profitability.


We help residential facilities and other organizations improve their energy efficiency, reduce risks and modernize aging infrastructure.

Customized Support

We provide personalized solutions and assistance to clients in both the public and private sectors.

Feasibility Study

We conduct feasibility studies to determine alternative energy resources with the greatest economic opportunity, while respecting cultural, social and environmental values.

Project Management

We provide a full range of Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) services including detailed system design and overall project management for our clients.

Infrastructure Management

We provide infrastructure management including system performance and functionality oversight to help our clients identify whether their processes are efficient and reliable.

Operations & Maintenance

We provide a broad range of operations and maintenance services including plant operations support, plant maintenance, commissioning, and technology transfer.

Energy Distribution & Storage

We offer clean energy strategies and reliable products to allow our customers capitalize on cost-saving, cutting-edge energy technology for grid-connected and off-grid systems.

Job Placement & Training

We specialize in training and workforce placement and can identify the best qualified talent for our clients to ensure efficient systems operation and maintenance.

Beyond Sustainability Challenges

At Primegrid Energy, we deliver innovative solutions to overcome the demand and sustainability challenges of energy production in a more efficient, reliable, safe, affordable and environmentally friendly manner.

Top Quality Products

We supply a wide range of affordable, custom designed products and equipment from the world's most reputable manufacturers.

Solar Products

We supply a large variety of affordable products including solar panels, heaters, lighting, power generators, and solar panel grid connection kits.

Wind Products

We offer high quality wind turbines, hubs, blades, power converters, controllers, generators, wind condition and control monitoring systems.

Hydro Products

We supply small, medium and large-scale hydroelectric products including magnet generators, turbines, penstock, gates, fans, pulleys and several other parts.

Fuel Cell Products

We provide fuel cell components including electrode assemblies, catalyst coated membranes, gas diffusion electrodes and other hydrogen related materials.

Batteries & Storage

We provide quality and reliable batteries including Flooded Lead Acid, Lithium Ion, and Deep Cycle Batteries to enable efficient energy storage solutions.

Kits & Accessories

Solar panel and turbine kits, racking and mounting supplies, tools and electrical wiring, inverters, battery accessories, charge controllers and more.

Customers We Serve

Providing innovative solutions and quality products for clients all over the world.

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