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Management, Technology, and Resources for Sustainable Energy Future

Who We Are

Primegrid Energy is a leading global provider of clean, affordable, reliable, efficient, sustainable energy infrastructure and management solutions for small, medium and large-scale renewable energy facilities, organizations and communities.

We provide comprehensive services and supply quality products for the generation, transmission, distribution and storage of energy from solar, wind, hydropower, ocean, geothermal, biomass, biofuels and biogas, hydrogen/fuel cells, and hybrid power. We deliver innovative solutions to our customers in the following areas:

Energy Management Solutions

Our extensive services include design, engineering, procurement, equipment installation, operations and maintenance.





Improving Energy Sustainability

We are focused on producing energy in a more efficient, reliable, safe, affordable and environmentally friendly manner.

Solar energy is produced by the sun, which is the most abundant and limitless resource on the planet. It is clean, produces zero carbon emissions, and has low operating and maintenance expenses.

Wind is an affordable and abundant source of energy. It is one of the fastest means of power generation methods around the world due its zero-carbon and other greenhouse gases emission. 

Hydropower creates massive amounts of power by harnessing the energy of flowing water. Because of its extended operational life, it is now the most extensively utilized renewable energy source.

Tidal power captures the energy of flowing waters with the help of turbines. Wave power captures energy from ocean currents using a special buoy or other floating device.

Geothermal energy is generated from the heat that is contained in the rocks and fluids beneath the earth’s crust. The heat is converted to steam to produce electricity.

Biomass energy is generated through the thermal decomposition or combustion of plant or animal material. The energy from these organisms can be burned to create heat or converted into electricity.

Produced from biomass, biofuel and biogas are two important renewable energy sources. Biofuel is often used as transportation fuel while biogas is mostly used for electricity and heat production.

Hydrogen and fuel cells utilize highly efficient and fuel-flexible technology systems to produce clean energy and heat with little to zero emissions through electrochemical power generation.

Energy mix involves a collection of several primary renewable energy sources, such as a solar, wind, and biomass combination, from which a new secondary energy is produced.

Brand Statement

Management, Technology, and Resources for Sustainable Energy Future

“Deliver innovative solutions to overcome the demand and sustainability challenges of energy production in a more efficient, reliable, safe, affordable and environmentally friendly manner.”

Our Vision

“To design, develop, implement, manage sustainable energy projects and deliver quality products through alternative energy technology and innovative solutions.”

Our Mission

“At Primegrid Energy, we are committed to quality, excellence, customer service, integrity, respect for all, and passion for outstanding performance and positive results.”

Core Values

Customers We Serve

Providing innovative solutions and quality products for the global supply, recovery and storage of renewable energy.

We provide quality products and deliver comprehensive end-to-end sustainable energy solutions.

At Primegrid Energy, we provide end-to-end services to owners of new energy projects and deliver innovative solutions to our customers with existing energy infrastructure.