Distribution & Storage

Our sustainable energy management strategies provide numerous cost-saving opportunities. Using our distribution and storage solutions, our clients can benefit from competitive energy markets and enjoy reliable energy supply.

We can develop, operate and maintain on-site distributed generation systems to reduce costs, improve reliability and lower overall carbon emissions.

We offer efficient energy storage systems and dependable high-quality batteries to enable excess electricity produced to be fed back into the grid or stored for a later use.

Enjoy energy efficiency and cost-saving systems through combined heat and power (CHP) that are otherwise-wasted from traditional electricity generation.

We incorporate flexible and scalable smart technology to microgrid and other grid-based systems to enable reliable power generation, energy conservation and load reduction.

Energy Management Solutions

Our extensive services include design, engineering, procurement, equipment installation, operations and maintenance.





Customers We Serve

Providing innovative solutions and quality products for the global supply, recovery and storage of renewable energy.

We provide world-class expertise in energy distribution and storage technologies.

Primegrid Energy develops various types of grid-connected and off-grid power generation systems to reduce costs, increase electricity efficiency, reliability and stability, minimize overall carbon emissions, and provide emergency backup or peak demand power.