Clean Energy Infrastructure

By focusing on producing quantifiable results, we can provide the value needed for our customers to achieve their return on investment and transition to a sustainable energy future.

We are helping waste treatment plants, food producers and industrial facilities to limit the quantity of organic waste disposed of in landfills. We provide solutions to help divert, recycle and process these materials through anaerobic digestion into sustainable energy sources.

We are setting the standard for airport energy sustainability. We help aviation facilities minimize operational costs by utilizing energy efficiency solutions. We create or update their master plans for energy usage in order to comply with Voluntary Airport Low Emission Program rules.

Ethanol is generally produced by the fermentation of sugar, cellulose, or converted starch and has a long history. We provide guidance for the production of ethanol from the fermentation of the edible parts of sugar-rich crops such as sugarcane, corn, guinea corn, millet and cassava.

We are assisting educational institutions to become more energy efficient. We provide comprehensive campus-wide energy management systems that rely on best-in-class renewable energy solutions to minimize costs, reduce dependency on the power grid, and boost energy security.

We are helping businesses to invest in their energy future and achieve their sustainability goals through the provision of cost-effective solutions including retrofits, upgrades and installation of new onsite power generation infrastructure such as rooftop and ground mounted systems.

We are collaborating with a number of healthcare providers to establish energy management systems to improve the quality of patient care and healthcare administration by retrofitting existing buildings for guaranteed energy delivery and security, cost reduction and immunized risks. 

We assist industrial establishments in meeting their carbon management objectives. Manufacturers can drastically reduce their energy consumptions and greenhouse emissions using infrastructure upgrades such as on-site cogeneration, microgrids and other distributed generation systems.

At Primegrid Energy, we apply performance-based techniques to reduce costs and enhance energy efficiency at residential housing complexes. This strategy is based on systems upgrades using smart metering technologies, improved conservation management, and education on energy use.

We perform customized audits for government agencies to identify cost-saving opportunities and implement sustainable measure for better energy performance. Our process enables them to retrofit and upgrade their infrastructure without wasting public funds on excessive energy costs.

Energy Management Solutions

We provide extensive services to our customers including design, engineering, procurement, equipment installation, operations and maintenance.





Customers We Serve

Providing innovative solutions and quality products for the global supply, recovery and storage of renewable energy.

We provide innovative solutions to ensure the successful completion of sustainable energy projects.

Our team of highly experienced subject-matter experts assist our clients in new construction, installation, upgrades and retrofits to existing assets, including utility distribution systems design for new projects.