Operations & Maintenance

We offer a full range of operations and maintenance services for your installations and facility. These specialized services include plant construction, equipment installation support, commissioning and maintenance for all types of alternative and renewable energy systems.

We can repair and service your installations and perform inspection and monitoring to avoid potential downtime and underperformance.

We can troubleshoot and resolve all types of technical issues related to your installation including equipment calibration and other services.

We develop the most suitable environment and foster technology transfer to achieve uninterrupted clean and efficient energy production.


We can train your existing staff or recruit new personnel to operate on-site systems and maintain your sustainable energy infrastructure.

Energy Management Solutions

Our extensive services include design, engineering, procurement, equipment installation, operations and maintenance.





Customers We Serve

Providing innovative solutions and quality products for the global supply, recovery and storage of renewable energy.

We provide world-class expertise in sustainable energy systems operations and maintenance

We provide guidance and assist our customers in the identification, preparation, site selection, financing, and commercialization of renewable energy project opportunities.