Darinice Hawkins, CSM

Vice President, Public Affairs

About Ms. Darinice Hawkins

Ms. Darinice Hawkins is the Vice President for Public Affairs at Primegrid Renewable Energy. Prior to joining Primegrid Energy, Ms. Hawkins worked for a variety of multidisciplinary organizations, where she provided oversight to project management deadlines and ensured the timely delivery of projects while making the best use of Agile technologies to optimize time and work done. In addition, she has instructed team members on agile frameworks and resolved relevant challenges, as well as monitored work progress to assure the highest quality of final products.

At Primegrid Energy, Ms. Hawkins is responsible for the development and implementation of an integrated strategic communications plan to advance the company’s brand identity, broaden global awareness of its programs and priorities and increase the visibility of its programs across key stakeholder audiences worldwide. Through her extensive expertise in marketing and public relations strategy, she assists the organizational leadership to cultivate and enhance meaningful relationships with targeted, high-level external audiences, including the media and key influencers.

Darinice has over a decade of experience with the impromptu identification of challenges and emerging concerns confronted by numerous organizations. Her abilities and knowledge enable her to collaborate with the leadership team and staff to identify internal and external communications opportunities and solutions and define and implement strategies to support them. She currently serves as the Primegrid Leadership Team communications advisor. Ms. Hawkins graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications, Media/Film Production, and Public Relations from Texas Southern University.