Leah Motimaya

Vice President (Research & Development)

About Ms. Motimaya

Ms. Motimaya has a deep background in renewable energy market analysis and energy policy development. She has extensive experience designing a legislative framework for solar production, including the creation of regulatory procedures. She also assisted in the implementation of clean energy plans and investment schemes for a variety of customers. She has also developed several stakeholder-based group energy solutions.

Leah has always been interested in the intersection of environment and economics. From 2017 to 2018, She was employed by NYC-based environmental non-profit, Sane Energy Project, promoting community solar and campaigning for political candidates supporting a green energy future. During her time in university, Leah has worked in several research and development labs and centers, with papers ranging from urbanization to cellulosic biofuels. Her final discourse studied the sea-level rise and its impact on megacities within developing countries. Leah received an internationally recognized scholarship to study in Germany, at the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg with a focus in Energy Technology, Urban Environmental Planning, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Leah Motimaya co-founded the international consulting firm HelioTactics LLC, with Dr. Frey Brownson in 2019. Leah graduated with Laureate distinction from Pennsylvania State University with a double major in Earth Science & Policy and Economics, focusing on Renewable Energy and Natural Resource Economics. She received a distinction in her college through notable achievement in academic excellence, global literacy and awareness, professional, civic service, and leadership.