Regina Lewis, Ph.D.

Member, Board of Directors

About Dr. Regina Lewis

Dr. Regina Lewis is a Member of the Board of Directors of Primegrid Renewable Energy, Incorporated. She has served diverse clientele from executives to scholars, government agencies, educational institutions, and nonprofits (with over 20 years of experience in leadership and community development). Through her travels, Dr. Lewis has been immersed in many cultures both nationally and internationally, such as the Asia-Pacific Region, the Middle East, Europe, Africa and across the United States.

With clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies through not-for-profit agencies to educational institutions, Dr. Lewis’s proven specialty is leadership, professional excellence, culture inclusion, coaching, strategic development, and executive public speaking coaching. Regina is a consulting partner, national speaker, and director of ReginaSpeaking, LLC.

She leads and has alliances with worldwide organizations, specializing in leadership development and organizational communication. In her role, she has presented and facilitated widely on topics related to diversity and inclusion, cross-cultural leveraging, strategic planning, executive speaking, interpersonal communication, personal professional development, media & public relations, social media communication, understanding and climbing out of poverty, and retention. She has worked with executives, groups, and organizations in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Korea, Japan, Germany, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Mexico, Canada, and the United States. She is an adjunct professor of Freshmen Seminar at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and serves as an executive coach for the Center for Creative Leadership.

Dr. Regina is the department chair and instructor of Communication and the director of the Women’s Forum at Pikes Peak Community College. She has authored books, journals, and higher educational texts. Additionally, she has presented her research and conducted workshops nationally and internationally. Dr. Regina holds a doctorate in Educational Leadership, Research and Policy, a Master of Arts in Communication, a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, all from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.